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Universal Towing

Baltimore Towing Service Universal Towing provides 24-hour car and heavy duty towing services in Baltimore and throughout Metro Baltimore along I 70 & I 95. Delivering quality and affordable truck repair, towing and hauling services for years, Universal Towing is your source for quality and cheap towing services.

2560 Lauretta Ave, Baltimore, MD 21223




When one spot gave me an estimate of $275 to tow my car 15 minutes, I knew I could find a better deal. Malik, the owner of Universal Towing, was entirely professional and fair in his cost for towing my car. In addition, he was a really nice, down to earth guy, which matters in any business. I hope I don't need to tow again anytime soon, but I will definitely use Universal Towing anytime I do.

My tractor trailer broke down in a dangerous place. No other companies would come get me because of the danger of traffic. The owner himself came out and got me off the interstate with traffic on both sides of him. He even tried to help me get the truck running. Nice guy. Went above and beyond what most heavy duty tow truck drivers would do. Thank you!
Joshua F.
Nov 4, 2016
Very professional! If you live in the Baltimore Area & need a tow this is the company to go with. Very reasonable with their pricing. I received quotes of $200-$300 more from every other company but not Universal! There's so many positive things I can say about this company & their service, DON'T GO ANYWHERE ELSE BUT UNIVERSAL!
Jeremy L.
May 4, 2016

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